Magnificent Vanilla Recipes:

Vanilla Pound Cake

Reserve two egg whites for icing. Cream butter, add sugar slowly, beating well. Add vanilla flavoring and yolks of eggs which have been beaten until pale yellow. Beat three egg whites until light and add alternately a little at a time with the flour which has been sifted with the baking powder. Mix well and bake in greased loaf pan in moderate oven about one hour. Cover with ornamental frosting made with the two remaining egg whites.

Majestic Cherry Frostings, Fillings, and more:

Icing, also called frosting, is a sweet often creamy glaze made of sugar with a liquid such as water or milk, that is often enriched with ingredients such as butter, egg whites, cream cheese, or vanilla and is used to decorate, cover or add flavor to cakes, cookies or other baked goods.

Coconut Cream Candy

Melt butter in saucepan; add milk and sugar; stir until sugar is dissolved, heating slowly; boil 12 to 15 minutes; remove from fire and add coconut and vanilla, beating until creamy. Pour into buttered tins and cool.

For Chocolate Coconut Cream Candy add 1½ ounces unsweetened chocolate or 4 tablespoons cocoa before boiling.

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