Inviting Vanilla Recipes:

Vanilla Chocolate Layer Cake

Cream shortening; add sugar gradually, beating well; add beaten egg, one half the milk and mix well; add one half the flour which has been sifted with salt and baking powder; add remainder of milk, then remainder of flour and vanilla flavoring; beat after each addition. Bake in greased layer cake tins in moderate oven 15 to 20 minutes. Put together with

Delectable Cherry Muffins, Icings, and more:

The simplest icing is a glacé icing, containing icing sugar and water. This can be flavored and colored as desired, for example by using lemon juice in place of the water. More complicated icings can be made by beating fat into icing sugar (as in butter cream), by melting fat and sugar together, by using egg whites (as in royal icing), and by adding other ingredients such as glycerin (as in fondant). Some icings can be made from combinations of sugar and cream cheeses, or by using ground almonds (as in marzipan).

Vanilla Butter Taffy

Boil sugar, molasses, water and vinegar. When crisp in cold water add butter and vanilla. Cook 3 minutes. Cool on buttered pans and break into pieces.

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