Mouthwatering Vanilla Recipes:

Brides's Cake

Beat shortening to a cream, adding sugar gradually; add vanilla flavoring and beat until smooth. Add alternately a little at a time milk and flour which has been sifted three times with baking powder. Beat whites of eggs until dry, and add to batter, folding in very lightly without beating. Bake in large greased loaf pan in moderate oven about one hour.

Scrumptious Cherry Muffins, Candies, and more:

The simplest icing is a glacé icing, containing icing sugar and water. This can be flavored and colored as desired, for example by using lemon juice in place of the water. More complicated icings can be made by beating fat into icing sugar (as in butter cream), by melting fat and sugar together, by using egg whites (as in royal icing), and by adding other ingredients such as glycerin (as in fondant). Some icings can be made from combinations of sugar and cream cheeses, or by using ground almonds (as in marzipan).

Penuche Vanilla

If you love our VapeSafe vanilla electronic cigarette flavors, you might enjoy this Penuche Vanilla recipe. Feel free to copy and share them with your family and friends.

Put sugar, milk, and butter into saucepan. Boil with as little stirring as possible until it makes a soft ball when tested in cold water. Take from fire; add nuts and vanilla; stir until creamy and pour into greased tins. Finished!

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